LilKool was born in Dallas, Texas 1985. Disenchanted by the ways pop culture was slowly brainwashing the masses, LilKool took to painting as an act of defiance, beginning with spray-paint.

 Since moving to New York in 2008, LilKool’s repertoire expanded to include painting, illustration, large-scale murals, photography and fashion collaborations. His style transcends each medium it inhabits. From paneled comic strip style illustrations to abstracted interior stills that rethink modern living- LilKool’s style manages to be diametrically varied but immediately recognizable. His use of flattened, visceral colors and clean black outlines makes each character he paints familiar, yet captivating.

 LilKool’s stylistic influences range from classic painters and the cartoons of his childhood to snippets from the obscure comic book scene. His content draws from web culture, Pop Art, politics and life in Brooklyn.




• FISK Gallery, The Villain Within, Portland, OR

• SPRINGBREAK ART SHOW, A Stranger Comes To Town . curated by Natalie Kates Projects and Amanda Uribe, New York, NY 


• Superchief Gallery, Dotty Where Are You, Los Angeles,CA



• Jeffrey Deitch, PUNCH curated by Nina Chanel Abney, New York, NY

• Usagi NY, Gallery, Sorry We weren’t Here to Meet You, We’ve Been Out Exploring, Brooklyn, NY

• Good Mother Gallery,That’s Not All, Oakland, CA


• Space Heater Gallery, Fulfill the Dream, Brooklyn, NY


• MAW GALLERY, Nape, New York, NY